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To download PocketPipes directly from your mobile, use the « App Store » app and search for « pocketpipes ». It’s a universal Mac /Phone / iPad / iPod touch app.

Requirement: IOS 13.0 and after

You can choose the app language directly in the PocketPipes settings (English or French)

Demo tunes sets

The application includes a set of demo tunes that can be easily installed at the first launch.

Starting with V13+ this pack includes polyphonic musics.

You can also choose to download the ABC Starter Kit or the BWW Starter Kit. You can download them on a computer, into a Cloud but also on your mobile, and then install them in PocketPipes. These are .zip files.

As well you can also download a Demo pack of polyphonic files

How install a kit directly with the Files Application

Install your tunes (abc and or bww)

From a Mac running Mac OS and after

Procedure Mac >> Device

From a Dropbox account with PocketPipes

The process is managed within PocketPipes

installation guide

From any Cloud with the Files App

From an email attachement

Categorize your personal tunes

How to work with categories

Any question?

For any questions about PocketPipes you can first have a look at the FAQ. If necessary, use the contact address: support@pocketbagpipe.fr

Product life

Here is the history of the App (sorry it is in french).

About tunes

A recommended software for graphically create / edit ABC files is Bagpipe, running on a Mac or PC.

      link to download Bagpipe

PocketPipes also accepts bagpipe music files from other softwares.

Several websites offer bww files.

To Users

A feed-back on the AppleStore as well as any idea is welcome