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Install multiple tunes

It is assumed that you previously stored your abc or bww somewhere in a folder of a cloud.

  1. In the « Locations » of the Files application select the Cloud, for instance iCloud
  2. Browse folders to reach the desired folder, open it
  3. Touch Select (top right)
  4. Select all the desired files
  5. In the bottom bar Touch Move (folder icon)
  6. The system will propose the target: PocketPipes, or choose it
  7. Touch Copy (Top Right of the screen), and that’s all!

If you open PocketPipes now, the tunes have been imported.

To see them you have to change the tab and go back to the tunes to force a refresh of the screen.

It is not recommended to move a great number of files at once because these operations hide multiple downloads!

The move from a Cloud does a copy in fact