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How install tunes from your Mac

If you have a Mac that runs Mac OS Catalina (released by the end of 2019) the iTunes software does not exist anymore. If you want to install tune files directly on your iPhone/iPad with a simple drag and drop, you must use now the Finder Application. The guide with iTunes becomes somehow deprecated but the general process is very similar.

  1. Connect your mobile to your Mac with an USB cable
  2. Open the Finder Application
  3. Search your iPhone or iPad in the Placeholders (left column)
  4. Click on the icon
  5. Wait a little time and you’ll see a buttons bar in the main window
  6. Choose Files
  7. An App list appears that includes PocketPipes
  8. Click on PocketPipes
  9. You’ll see the personal files inside your mobile (may be empty)
  10. You just have to drag there your files from any location on your Mac