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Keep your bagpipe musical repertoire in your pocket, and much more ….

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PocketPipes is a Mac (Intel & M1 architectures) /iPhone /iPad/ iPod touch player for bagpipe tunes  (abc and bww files) with lot of options. You can listen to few examples here.  While playing, a vertical bar shows the note being played on the sheet music. The app provides also the reverse chronology of your playings, that may help you to drive your training sessions. It a universal purchase for the different platforms.

Playing options

  • realistic bagpipe sound or practice chanter sound
  • Coming soon with V13 => Polyphony (up to four tracks 1st 2nd 3rd 4th pipers)
  • ability to define a section of the selected tune for playback, to focus on few measures when training, the outside area is grayed (persistent data)
  • loop mode
  • melody with or without drones or embellishments
  • C natural, or C natural + F natural
  • metronome synchronized with the current play
  • optional attack sequence before each play (beats ->  5: drones, 7: E note, 9: start)
  • ability to change the tempo of the selected tune (persistent data)
  • two controllers are used to set the options

Handling the bagpipe tunes

  • On Mac OS, installation of the tune text files with drag and drop or double click or from a Dropbox account. Zip of tune files is also accepted for drag and drop
  • On iOS importing the tune text files from/with
    • the Files App that is now a powerful tool (see Resources) including zip of tune files
    • a desktop with iTunes (PCs or old Macs) or Finder (Mac OS Catalina) see resources
    • a Dropbox (TM) account (in a future it will migrate to iCloud Drive)
    • an email attachement (see Ressources iOS  iPadOS)
  • sending tunes or sheet music by email
  • uploading soundtrack (wav) or sheet music (pdf) to the user’s iCloud Drive
  • sheet music printing
  • search among personal tunes (ie  march or march&.bww)
  • categorization (tagging) of the tunes eases the manipulation of hundreds or even thousands of personal tunes (i.e. Marches, Slow airs, To learn, Next show ….). A category editor is part of the app.
  • iCloud operations to backup/restore all the data in the PoketPipes folder in the user’s drive
  • statistics  (reverse chronology of playbacks,  discarded tunes)
  • file edition only in textual mode

User interface

  • long press on the tune title or on the sheet music to get a contextual menu of quick actions
  • full screen and zooming on sheet music (important for iPhones)
  • split screen on iPad


A demo pack of  tunes is coming with the app, for a quick start (IOS & Mac OS)

For the Mac OS version, think to define PocketPipes as the default App to open abc or bww files.


Operate with the app on iOS/iPadOS

Operate with the app on Mac OS