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Privacy policy for PocketPipes (Ed 2)

The privacy commitment is projected according to the informations considered:

Personal data privacy (data linked to the user)

The application does not request or record any personal information concerning the user, his mobile or Mac (ID, password, personal data on the user …)

If the user wishes to store their tunes files on Dropbox, and import them into PocketPipes, they will be asked for their Dropbox ID-Password, but this is done by the third-party Dropbox application strictly outside of PocketPipes, which has no knowledge of it.

The PocketPipes application itself never asks users to enter a username or password for third-party accounts.

In summary, no personal data is collected.

Application data privacy

The data of the application (mainly music files) are stored in PocketPipes documents at the user’s discretion. They are handled, seen and known ONLY by the user unless he himself decides to export or share them (email, printing).

Functional records (meta-data): this information is only recorded to provide statistics or assistance to the user, it is stored in a local database in PocketPipes. These informations remain strictly in the user’s mobile (mainly the date of the playbacks, certain settings) and is only known to the user.

A feature of PocketPipes (starting with V10.0) allows tunes and meta data to be saved in the user’s iCloud drive. This storage extension remains within the strict perimeter managed by the user and only under his control.

The user must take care of the copyrights attached to the tunes. Usually melodies are traditional melodies, but in some cases this is not true. In this case, the user is assumed to have acquired the rights to install the partition. Each melody contains only the data of the melody itself, in the form of a text file (abc, bww). These formats are public.

In summary, the user is the only one to control his data, no information is collected for any other use.

Possible application crash

In the event of an application crash (if any), the system records certain informations relating to the code stack at the time of the crash.

This information can be sent by Apple to the developer, if and only if the user agrees to help application developers (on IOS: In Settings >> Share the analysis of the Iphone). This mechanism is an Apple mechanism built into IOS and is not part of PocketPipes. For MacOS, the sending request is made following the crash. This allows the developer to analyze critical cases and thus improve the quality and stability of the code.

In summary, possible crash cases are handled by Apple only for users who have accepted this feedback to the developer . (Note from the developer: Personally, I thank the users who accept this option, because it is a valuable tool for the quality of the software).


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