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Quick Start with Mac OS

After downloading PocketPipes from the Mac App Store, the easiest way to start is just to install the demo tunes set. The app does this for you if you click install at the first launch (starting V11.1)

You can learn to install your own files following this procedure:

  1. If you have no .bww or .abc file here are two zip packages ready for downloading: BWW Starter pack
    and ABC Starter pack
  2. Download one or two package(s) on your Mac (in the download folder for instance)
  3. Unzip the file only if you are interested with some tunes, and select them
  4. Be sure to have set PocketPipes open on the Personal Tunes screen (the first one)
  5. Drag (do not copy/paste) the whole zip or selected files onto the PocketPipes Window … they are imported!
  6. At this point, with a mouse pressure on the titles, you’ll get contextual quick actions and you’ll discover different aspects of the App ….

It is a good idea since now to set PocketPipes as the default app to open .abc and .bww files. 

Hereafter, how to do for an abc file (same for bww):

    1. Select an abc file abc in your documents, or on desktop .
    2. In the File Menu (on the menu bar) >> Get info
    3. The Information windows appears, then in the section « Open with » choose Others instead of the current App.
    4. Choose Enable: All the applications
    5. All the apps can be selected, choose PocketPipes
    6. Then Add
    7. At this step any double click on an abc file will trig the importation of the file and start the playback. Same process for bww file. It is important to proceed from the File Menu as described at 2. , instead of a right click on the selected file.