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What’s new with V13? …. POLYPHONY

With V13 PocketPipes has the capacity to play at the same time up to four voices for the same music

The music is a set of 2, 3 or 4 abc/bww files following the naming rule

  • Some_Title.1st.abc (or .bww)
  • Some_Title.2nd.abc (or .bww)
  • Some_Title.3rd.abc (or .bww)
  • Some_Title.4th.abc (or .bww)

The files must have exactly the same duration when playing.

There must be no begin marks for the files. PocketPipes checks this before playing

To play the files at the same time you must select the 1st and choose to play all the voices according to the file number of the set.

If you add the drones with the control panel you get a very realistic sound mixing the different voices. Best rendering on a Hi-Fi stereo output

You’ll find sound rendering examples here (registered with Audacity on the Mac OS version of PocketPipes)

You can download few examples of polyphonic sets here

PocketPipes, what’s new with V12 , V12.1 ….

The main purpose of V12 is to stick better to ABC format as it is yet for BWW format, so

  • You can read abc files from different sources providing they are adapted to bagpipe (Key HP or Hp)
  • There is a better operability with EasyABC, a well known free editor

Interesting things can be found here

The demo pack installed when the file database is empty integrates a panel of these files.

PocketPipes V11.1 is ready for sale for Mac (Intel & M1 architectures) /iPhone / iPad /iPod Touch

The new macOS App icon

– A category editor is now available through the C button on top of the music files list. In the previous releases categories were in the settings, they are caught at the first launching and are no more used in the settings. They will definitively disappear from the settings in the next release.

Unfortunately there is an issue on Mac OS 10.15 because an icon necessary to the editor is not part of the system. This will be fixed in the V12.0

– When the files list is empty, the app proposes to install demo files. This is more simple to get familiarised with the app, before installing your own files