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PocketPipes V11.0 is ready for sale for iOS, iPad OS, Mac OS

😀😀😀 Important evolution of the PocketPipes user interface to simplify the implementation (for all platforms)

iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

The number of tabs is reduced to 3: The tunes, the score and the built-in help, with the disappearance of the playback controller and the keyboard.


The tabs have disappeared leaving two main screens: the tunes list and the sheet music of the selected tune. The built-in help is accessible from the Menu Bar as for all MacOS Apps.

Changes common for all platforms

The old version of the playback controller is replaced by two new controllers accessible directly from the sheet music screen. From these 2 new interfaces you can start / stop / pause with simple buttons.

To be able to place marks on the sheet music, these controllers must not be active. The built-in help provides more details.

  • Control panel for the playback options

On the control panel you’ll find the usual buttons: Loop mode, metronome, starting sequence, practice choice, drones with level adjustment.

  • Time bar

Information on elapsed time, duration and beat settings appears on the time bar. The time cursor allows you to navigate on the sheet music when no playback is on.

😀. Some colors have been redefined to better separate light mode from dark mode.

😀 The Back function of the pop-up controllers is represented everywhere in the App by the same button for a better homogeneity of the interface.