ID-Pass words

Pocketpipes by itself never ask users to enter ID or passwords to third party accounts. Logging to third party apps or web sites is under control of the third party apps or sites (ie Dropbox). PocketPipes never asks for any personal information relating to the User.

Registered data inside PocketPipes

  • The Tunes: they are stored in the PocketPipes document folder under the willing of the user. They may be shared (sent, printed …) also under the full willing of the user. The user must take care of the copyrights attached to the tunes. Generally tunes are traditional tunes but in some cases this is not true. In this case the User is supposed to have acquired the rights to install the score. Each tune contains only the data of the tune itself, as text file (abc,bww).
  • The system logs: In case of crash (if any) some informations relating to the stack before crash may be send to Apple. Only if the User agreed to help the app developers. This mecanism is embedded in IOS and is not part of PocketPipes.
  • The functional logs: these informations are registered only to provide statistics to the User, they are stored inside a local database in PocketPipes, These informations strictly remain in the User mobile (Mainly the time of the playbacks) and are only known by the User.