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PocketPipes V7.1 is ready for sale

 New bagpipe chanter sound with reverb effect, giving a realistic rendering, only available with IOS 10 or higher. You can turn on-off the effect in the general settings of PocketPipes.
 With the « Share » menu, on My Tunes tab you can now export the soundtrack (.wav) or the partition (pdf) of the tunes to a Dropbox account. The files are stored into two dedicated subfolders (_WAV_ and _PDF_) of your account application folder . The folders are created at the first order to upload. If you choose to export the bagpipe chanter sound, the reverb effect is applied or not, according to the setting. Wav files can take a while to export because of their size, you can stop the upload. You will not see the content of _WAV_ or _PDF_ with PocketPipes in the importer because only abc or bww files are presented..