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Quick Start with Mac OS

Download PocketPipes from the Mac App Store and then, to begin you can just follow this procedure:

  1. If you have no .bww or .abc file here are two zip packages ready for downloading: BWW Starter pack
    and ABC Starter pack
  2. Download and un-zip one or two package(s) on your Mac (in the download folder for instance)
  3. Select a subset or all the files
  4. Be sure to have set PocketPipes open on the Personal Tunes screen (the first one)
  5. Drag (do not copy/paste) the selected files onto the PocketPipes Window … they are imported!
  6. At this point, with a mouse pressure on the titles, you’ll get contextual quick actions and you’ll discover different aspects of the App ….

It is a good idea since now to set PocketPipes as the default app to open .abc and .bww files