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PocketPipes V8.0 is ready for sale

The user interface has been simplified and navigation greatly improved, with identical functionalities compared to the V7

  • On the « My Tunes » tab you can directly filter by category with the C button, search by key words with the magnifying glass button. Direct access to playback statistics. The search and the statistics are crossed with the displayed category if there is one. Reminder: The categorization of the tunes allows to define your own collections.
  • For mobiles without Force Touch capability, like the iPads, a long press has been added on the « My tunes » tab which offers a choice of quick actions depending on the context (example: Play, Share, Categorize …) . With the long press on the score tab you can now start or stop the playback. The navigation by tab is no longer the single principle.
  • For mobiles with Force Touch, the application already offered quick actions quite equivalent to the above functions. For the users who would prefer the long press, it is possible to invalidate the interaction by 3D Touch in the app, through PocketPipes settings