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PocketPipes V7.0 is ready for sale

 New buttons to display the reverse chronology of the recent playings or the forgotten tunes. This will help you to drive your practice sessions on your personal tunes (go to filter screen). The period of observation for the recent playings is set in the general settings. Beyond this period, the tunes fall in forgotten tunes. These statistics are crossed with the categories. A tune is considered to be played 5s after the start time. Only personal files are in the scope of the statistics.
 When defining a section for playing on the sheet music, the outside area is grayed. Reminder: long press or 3D touch depending of the mobile to set begin and end marks
 On the importer screen, you can search for specific files after getting the file list in a folder (usefull for large collections)
– In Edit mode you can now remove all the tunes that are not categorized (X button) and not only « All your tunes »
– Few bug fixes