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PocketPipes V6.3 is ready for sale

New functions

Search with key among personal tunes (ie March or March&.bww), available through the filter button on MyTunes tab
– Save As available when editing a tune

Update: Internal Dropbox (TM) API

If you are a new user, you can discard this procedure and go to the website to see the guide.
But if you have used the previous releases of PocketPipes, the app will create a new /Applications/PocketPipes (1) folder.
When connected with the 6.3 you’ll not find your usual folders. Don’t worry, you just have to go to your Dropbox account:
– Rename the old /Applications/PocketPipes as /Applications/PocketPipesOld for instance
– Move your usual folders to the new /Applications/PocketPipes (1)
– Rename /Applications/PocketPipes (1) as /Applications/PocketPipes
– Verify that you now see again your folders
– You can then delete PocketPipesOld


They are stopped after 5s of inactivity.


Several fixes, including a case of crash when a time line in BWW files was not explicitly closed with the underscore-apostrophe characters.