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PocketPipes V10.0 is ready for sale

For all platforms: PocketPipes runs on iPhone, iPad, IPod Touch and Mac.

iCloud operations

If you own different Apple devices you can now align your data with a backup/restore mechanism through a PocketPipes folder located in your iCloud drive. Commands are done only by the user, it is not an automatic synchronization. Data encompass the tunes and also associated meta data (categories, marks, tempo settings, dates of playing).

See the iCloud Operations in the in-App help.

Installation of a whole zip file of tunes in one manipulation

Drag and drop on Mac, or with the Files App on iOS.

See the Quick Start section in the in-App help as an example.

Sound of a whistle in Bb

It is an alternative to the practice chanter sound. The scale is not the full scale of a whistle, it conforms to the scale of the practice chanter (ie bagpipes).