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Install a .zip pack with the Files App

You can directly install a starter pack with the Files application from the mobile, without going through PocketPipes.

With your mobile

  • With your browser go to the PocketPipes website on the resources page
  • For example, tap the BWW starter kit
  • Touch Download (at the bottom)
  • Touch Open in (at the bottom), a selection screen appears
  • Touch Save to Files
  • The system offers you « On your iPhone (or iPad)
  • Touch Save

Launch the Files Application

  • Go to « On my iPhone » (or iPad). The ZIP file is there.
  • Touch it for unzip, the BWW unzipped folder appears
  • You can delete the initial .zip
  • Touch the BWW Starter Pack folder to see the content
  • Touch Select at the top right
  • Then Select all at the top left, or only the tunes that interest you
  • Touch the folder icon (move) at the bottom. The system prompts you to move all selected files to the PocketPipes application folder
  • Touch Move at the top right, and there you have installed the selected files into your personal files directly from the mobile
  • You can delete the empty folder that remains « On my iPhone » (or iPad)

If you open PocketPipes now, the tunes have been imported without going through a desktop.

Attention, to see the new tunes it is necessary to pass by another tab and to come back to force the refreshment of the view of tunes