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PocketPipes V8.0.2 is ready for sale

 iPhone X compliance


PocketPipes V8.0.1 is ready for sale

  • Internal technology update, mainly to support the new iPhone X
  • The support for IOS 9 is dropped

PocketPipes V8.0 is ready for sale

The user interface has been simplified and navigation greatly improved, with identical functionalities compared to the V7

  • On the « My Tunes » tab you can directly filter by category with the C button, search by key words with the magnifying glass button. Direct access to playback statistics. The search and the statistics are crossed with the displayed category if there is one. Reminder: The categorization of the tunes allows to define your own collections.
  • For mobiles without Force Touch capability, like the iPads, a long press has been added on the « My tunes » tab which offers a choice of quick actions depending on the context (example: Play, Share, Categorize …) . With the long press on the score tab you can now start or stop the playback. The navigation by tab is no longer the single principle.
  • For mobiles with Force Touch, the application already offered quick actions quite equivalent to the above functions. For the users who would prefer the long press, it is possible to invalidate the interaction by 3D Touch in the app, through PocketPipes settings

PocketPipes V7.1 is ready for sale

 New bagpipe chanter sound with reverb effect, giving a realistic rendering, only available with IOS 10 or higher. You can turn on-off the effect in the general settings of PocketPipes.
 With the « Share » menu, on My Tunes tab you can now export the soundtrack (.wav) or the partition (pdf) of the tunes to a Dropbox account. The files are stored into two dedicated subfolders (_WAV_ and _PDF_) of your account application folder . The folders are created at the first order to upload. If you choose to export the bagpipe chanter sound, the reverb effect is applied or not, according to the setting. Wav files can take a while to export because of their size, you can stop the upload. You will not see the content of _WAV_ or _PDF_ with PocketPipes in the importer because only abc or bww files are presented..

PocketPipes V7.0 is ready for sale

 New buttons to display the reverse chronology of the recent playings or the forgotten tunes. This will help you to drive your practice sessions on your personal tunes (go to filter screen). The period of observation for the recent playings is set in the general settings. Beyond this period, the tunes fall in forgotten tunes. These statistics are crossed with the categories. A tune is considered to be played 5s after the start time. Only personal files are in the scope of the statistics.
 When defining a section for playing on the sheet music, the outside area is grayed. Reminder: long press or 3D touch depending of the mobile to set begin and end marks
 On the importer screen, you can search for specific files after getting the file list in a folder (usefull for large collections)
– In Edit mode you can now remove all the tunes that are not categorized (X button) and not only « All your tunes »
– Few bug fixes

PocketPipes V6.3.3 is ready for sale

  • The look of some screens has been updated (Tunes list, Filter, Dropbox Import)
  • On the Dropbox importer /Applications/Pocketpipes has been renamed to /Apps/PocketPipes in conformance with the naming rules of the root folder in english localization

PocketPipes V6.3.2 is ready for sale

  • BWW files: the app supported the « 2 of n » repeat, but not the « 2 of n & m & …. » , it is done. For instance the ‘245 séquence means repeat 2 of 4 and 5 repeat bars
  • User interface: The slider on the importer screen is now set in the bottom bar for compatibility with 3,5″ screens
  • Improvements and bug fixes

PocketPipes V6.3.1 is ready for sale

Dropbox User Interface

– Adding a slider to scroll large collections in the picker view
– Bug fix when scanning a large collection (>2000)

BWW files

– Support for triplets old form that may appear in tune files
– Parser improved and bug fixes

PocketPipes V6.3 is ready for sale

New functions

Search with key among personal tunes (ie March or March&.bww), available through the filter button on MyTunes tab
– Save As available when editing a tune

Update: Internal Dropbox (TM) API

If you are a new user, you can discard this procedure and go to the website to see the guide.
But if you have used the previous releases of PocketPipes, the app will create a new /Applications/PocketPipes (1) folder.
When connected with the 6.3 you’ll not find your usual folders. Don’t worry, you just have to go to your Dropbox account:
– Rename the old /Applications/PocketPipes as /Applications/PocketPipesOld for instance
– Move your usual folders to the new /Applications/PocketPipes (1)
– Rename /Applications/PocketPipes (1) as /Applications/PocketPipes
– Verify that you now see again your folders
– You can then delete PocketPipesOld


They are stopped after 5s of inactivity.


Several fixes, including a case of crash when a time line in BWW files was not explicitly closed with the underscore-apostrophe characters.

PocketPipes V6.2 is ready for sale

– When defining a section for a tune on the sheet music, the begin and end marks become persistent, such as tempo setting.
– The optional attack sequence (sand timer on the Player tab) becomes a 5-7-9 standard attack (5: drones, 7:E note, 9: start).
– The selected tune appears in gray color on the tune list (My Tunes tab)
– Few fixes and improvements