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PocketPipes V5.1.1 is on the AppleStore

– IOS 9 ready
– The vertical bar showing the note being played on the sheet music remains visible when the view is zoomed. The sheet music slides to keep the focus on the indicator.
– Minor fixes

PocketPipes V5.0.1 is on the AppleStore

  • Print function: The sheet music can be printed with a long press for few seconds and release on the sheet music (Score tab). The requirement is to have your device connected to a WI-FI network with an AirPrint printer.


  • Dropbox import: When the root folder /Applications/PocketPipes doesn’t exist, this folder is created, empty of course. You have to populate it with subfolders with tune files.


  • Expanded color names table for the highlighting of the staves (see FAQ)


  • Several fixes

PocketPipes V5.0 is on the AppleStore

A vertical bar on the sheet music shows the note being played. The page switching is automatic if the tune spans multiple pages.

– Trebble clefs have disappeared from the « MyTunes » tab. They became useless because the score is now generated each time the tune get selected. The tab simply shows the list of the tunes (filtered or not filtered by categories)

A new feature appears on bww files to define highlighting on the sheet music. It is out of standard but useful to mark some parts of the staves (Shoals of Herring in the embedded files is an example). To start highlight use %hs{color} and to end it %he .
For instance %hs{Yellow}. See FAQ in the support site to know the available colornames.

– The display engine of the scores has been entirely rewriten

PocketPipes V4.2 is on the AppleStore

– PocketPipes reads now bww files (and not only abc). A starter pack is available on the support site, containing audited files.

Tip: When you get a BWW on the net, check it with the metronome of PocketPipes …  there are often issues with the timing!

– Improving the quality of scores (justification, automatic page sizing).

– Support for rests in the tunes (abc or bww), and for abc only multi-measure rests

– Support for >  and  <  characters in abc for couples of dotted eighth / sixteenth notes

– Support of double dot on notes (1/4 or 1/8)

– Support of time-lines 2 of N (‘ ‘ 2n in BWW)

– The choice of displaying scores in Scottish or Breton notation is available in the settings, no need to have music files themselves in Breton notation (Scottish is default setting)

PocketPipes V4.1 est disponible sur l’AppleStore

Amélioration des fonctions d’apprentissage:

–  Les métronomes produisent des flashes et/ou des sons (paramétrage effectué via les réglages) et non plus simplement des flashes. Rappel: deux métronomes sont disponibles, l’un synchronisé avec le jeu en cours (onglet jeu)  et l’autre indépendant (onglet clavier), mais qui est calé sur le battement de l’air sélectionné.

–  Une nouvelle capacité (onglet jeu) permet de lancer le jeu d’un air en respectant une séquence de démarrage:

  1. Série de battements (nombre pair)
  2. Fa d’appel sur deux battements
  3. Départ

Dans le cas d’un air avec anacrouse, la durée du Fa d’appel est réduite d’autant pour anticiper le départ sur cette anacrouse.

Cette fonction est activée par un nouveau bouton représentant un sablier, juste à côté du bouton de lancement, dans la barre de jeu.

Elle ne fonctionne qu’en début d’air. Si on lance le jeu à partir à partir d’un autre point, la séquence n’est pas exécutée.