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PocketPipes V9.3.1 ready for sale on iOS

This release is just an alignment with the V9.3 Mac OS.

The three platforms: iOS, iPadOS, macOS run the same application.

And you purchase ONCE!

However of course the context of execution is different:

Resources for iOS-iPadOS

Resources for Mac OS

PocketPipes V9.3 runs now on MAC OS (May 9th 2020)!

With the v9.3, released on May 9th 2020 PocketPipes becomes a universal Application running on Mac as well on Apple devices (iPhone, iPad ..).

You purchase once, and you can install where you want under your Apple account on iOS or iPADOS!

How install …

  • For Mac => download from Mac AppStore
  • For iPhone/iPad/iPod touch => download from AppleStore

To begin with Mac OS, just follow the Help topics or this

PocketPipes V9.2.2 is released (April 27-2020)

  • 🙂 🙂 New embedded help book, with web like appearance
  • Bug fixes (mainly when setting marks on a multipage tune)

PocketPipes V9.2.1 is released

The dark mode is now available!

PocketPipes V9.2 is released (March 2020)

Two changes in relation with ABC files:

  • Fixing an issue when the lines end with a single \r character
  • The |1 and |2 repeats add a meter bar when they occur, that is the difference with [1 and [2

Also concerning ABC files a tutorial is under construction

PocketPipes V9.1 is ready for sale (Dec 20th 2019)

This is an important evolution of the user interface, while strictly maintaining the basic functions of the application.

Expansion of quick actions menus for easier contextual navigation and preparation for the future PocketPipes for Mac OS.

  • Added file operations (edit, duplicate, rename, delete a tune) to replace the previous editing mode
  • Abandon Force Touch by generalizing the use of the long press, to follow the trend of Apple
  • Trash icon, for massive deletions. The button must be validated using the PocketPipes settings

The iOS / iPad OS Files application becomes the central tool to install the tunes in the application. This application website has been updated to show these possibilities.

PocketPipes V9.0 is ready for sale

Some uniformisation of colors in the UI

Ability to hide embedded files with a setting, so that you only see your personal files

And fixes a case of crash that appeared suddenly with IOS 13.1!

PocketPipes V8.1 is ready for sale

  • On iPad, capability to drag ans drop tunes in a split view from Files App for instance to Pocketpipes. Only abc or bww files can be dropped, one by one in the MyTunes tab. This requires IOS 11+. It is a way to install files from iCloud Drive location if you have abc/bww files on iCloud Drive.
  • Bug fix: in some cases the tunes list was not sorted.
  • Bug fix: in some cases the import from email attachement failed

PocketPipes V8.0.2 is ready for sale

 iPhone X compliance


PocketPipes V8.0.1 is ready for sale

  • Internal technology update, mainly to support the new iPhone X
  • The support for IOS 9 is dropped