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PocketPipes V8.1 is ready for sale – 2018 6th June

  • On iPad, capability to drag ans drop tunes in a split view from Files App for instance to Pocketpipes. Only abc or bww files can be dropped, one by one in the MyTunes tab. This requires IOS 11+. It is a way to install files from iCloud Drive location if you have abc/bww files on iCloud Drive.
  • Bug fix: in some cases the tunes list was not sorted.
  • Bug fix: in some cases the import from email attachement failed

PocketPipes V8.0.1 is ready for sale

  • Internal technology update, mainly to support the new iPhone X
  • The support for IOS 9 is dropped

PocketPipes V6.3.2 is ready for sale

  • BWW files: the app supported the « 2 of n » repeat, but not the « 2 of n & m & …. » , it is done. For instance the ‘245 séquence means repeat 2 of 4 and 5 repeat bars
  • User interface: The slider on the importer screen is now set in the bottom bar for compatibility with 3,5″ screens
  • Improvements and bug fixes

PocketPipes V6.2 is ready for sale

– When defining a section for a tune on the sheet music, the begin and end marks become persistent, such as tempo setting.
– The optional attack sequence (sand timer on the Player tab) becomes a 5-7-9 standard attack (5: drones, 7:E note, 9: start).
– The selected tune appears in gray color on the tune list (My Tunes tab)
– Few fixes and improvements


PocketPipes V5.2 is ready for sale

New training capability: You can define directly on the sheet music (score tab) a section to playback, with begin and end marks. The playback will stay between these two marks. With the playback in loop mode you have an easy way to focus on a few measures. The marks are set or unset with a long press at the mark point. For a better precision, you can zoom before with a double tap.

Split Screen and Slide Over are available on iPads that support these features

A new C button to categorize easily your personal tunes (on MyTunes tab). You have to define at least one category with the general settings (see general description). It replaces the previous method that needed to go through editing mode

– Important fix: The output sound on iPhone 6S/6S+ is OK

PocketPipes V5.1 is on the AppleStore

Adding a share button that allows on MyTunes Tab
– To send a file (abc or bww) by email
– To send a PDF sheet music by email
– To print a sheet music

The export mechanism is complemented by the new ability to import tunes (abc/bww) from the email attachements. So the interoperability between two mobiles with PocketPipes is easily assured by email. If the imported file already exists, the import operation does not happen. The user has to delete the existing file before.

The printing mechanism with a long tap on the score has been removed, as now incorporated in the export function.

PocketPipes V5.0.2 is on the AppleStore

 All chanter and practice notes have been re-sampled to produce a very clear sound (44100Hz)

Some fixes:
– Removing of a glitch on drones that occurred from time to time
– When moving the slider of the player to the end of the tune the displayed time indicates now the end of the tune
– A risk of crash eliminated when launching an abc or bww file that contains an error
– Tempo with 2/2 meter in bww files (the minim is taken as reference for the tempo)

PocketPipes V4.0 est disponible sur l’AppleStore

  •  La version 4 transforme PocketPipes en une application universelle iPhone/iPad. Pour l’iPad l’application ne fonctionne plus simplement en mode compatibilité (1x,2x) mais en mode natif. Les évolutions avec cette version concernent exclusivement l’interface utilisateur et conservent à l’identique les fonctions de la version précédente.
  •  Tous les écrans, à l’exception de l’importateur Dropbox sur iPhone, supportent les rotations en mode paysage. Cela améliore en particulier sur iPad le passage du jeu des airs à l’affichage des partitions en mode paysage, qui nécessitait de manipuler l’iPad
  •  Cette évolution s’appuie sur une technologie Apple apparue avec IOS 8, pour bénéficier de cette mise à jour il faudra donc être sous IOS 8.x

PocketPipes V3.3 est disponible sur l’AppleStore

Il s’agit d’une version orientée qualité, sans apport fonctionnel par rapport à la V3.2:

– Amélioration des images et icônes affichés

– Correction de quelques bugs

– Migration de certaines parties du code sous le langage Swift qui devient peu à peu le nouveau langage de programmation pour IOS


Les versions ultérieures de PocketPipes  NE SUPPORTERONT PLUS IOS 7. Pour bénéficier des futures versions il faudra un mobile avec IOS >= 8.0