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PocketPipes V6.2 is ready for sale

– When defining a section for a tune on the sheet music, the begin and end marks become persistent, such as tempo setting.
– The optional attack sequence (sand timer on the Player tab) becomes a 5-7-9 standard attack (5: drones, 7:E note, 9: start).
– The selected tune appears in gray color on the tune list (My Tunes tab)
– Few fixes and improvements


File edit function with V6.1

 File edit function available when in edit mode, on the « My tunes » tab:
– After unlocking the chosen air, press « Edit »
– Edition in text mode, the file is replaced after touching « Save »
– It is necessary to know about the abc or bww format
– During an editing session an initial file copy (.bak) is created, allowing a revert action, if the change was not satisfying
– In edit mode, a revert action is available if a .bak file exists
– For iPhone 6S these actions are performed by Force Touch actions (in Edit mode only)

PocketPipes V6.0 with Force Touch is ready for sale

You need for this a device with Force Touch capability (ie iPhone 6S).

Force Touch really offers a new way for navigation through the App. Usually you interact with tabbar icons and buttons (Since V1.0).

With Force Touch you will spare each time between one and three actions thanks to quick action shortcuts.

The opportunity to quick action shortcuts appear:

  • When lauching the app => With a pressure on the app icon you can directly start a recent play
  • On My Tunes tab, depending of the current play you can play, stop, share, categorize,  delete a tune. The first pressure selects the tune, then the title appears and with a swipe upward the contextual menu appears. With a harder pressure you launch at once the play or you stop it.
  • On the Score tab, depending of the current play you can play, stop, go to select, or set marks to define a section. With the first pressure a magnifying view appears to show the location, and with a swipe upward the contextual menu appears. With a harder pressure you launch at once the play or you stop it.


PocketPipes V5.2.1 is ready for sale

– Better support of broken rhythms in abc files (notes may have multipliers):  for instance    a>b   a/2<b/2   a/>b/  ….
– Fixes related to the displayed informations on the player tab

PocketPipes V5.2 is ready for sale

New training capability: You can define directly on the sheet music (score tab) a section to playback, with begin and end marks. The playback will stay between these two marks. With the playback in loop mode you have an easy way to focus on a few measures. The marks are set or unset with a long press at the mark point. For a better precision, you can zoom before with a double tap.

Split Screen and Slide Over are available on iPads that support these features

A new C button to categorize easily your personal tunes (on MyTunes tab). You have to define at least one category with the general settings (see general description). It replaces the previous method that needed to go through editing mode

– Important fix: The output sound on iPhone 6S/6S+ is OK

PocketPipes V5.1.1 is on the AppleStore

– IOS 9 ready
– The vertical bar showing the note being played on the sheet music remains visible when the view is zoomed. The sheet music slides to keep the focus on the indicator.
– Minor fixes

PocketPipes V5.1 is on the AppleStore

Adding a share button that allows on MyTunes Tab
– To send a file (abc or bww) by email
– To send a PDF sheet music by email
– To print a sheet music

The export mechanism is complemented by the new ability to import tunes (abc/bww) from the email attachements. So the interoperability between two mobiles with PocketPipes is easily assured by email. If the imported file already exists, the import operation does not happen. The user has to delete the existing file before.

The printing mechanism with a long tap on the score has been removed, as now incorporated in the export function.

PocketPipes V5.0.2 is on the AppleStore

 All chanter and practice notes have been re-sampled to produce a very clear sound (44100Hz)

Some fixes:
– Removing of a glitch on drones that occurred from time to time
– When moving the slider of the player to the end of the tune the displayed time indicates now the end of the tune
– A risk of crash eliminated when launching an abc or bww file that contains an error
– Tempo with 2/2 meter in bww files (the minim is taken as reference for the tempo)

PocketPipes V5.0.1 is on the AppleStore

  • Print function: The sheet music can be printed with a long press for few seconds and release on the sheet music (Score tab). The requirement is to have your device connected to a WI-FI network with an AirPrint printer.


  • Dropbox import: When the root folder /Applications/PocketPipes doesn’t exist, this folder is created, empty of course. You have to populate it with subfolders with tune files.


  • Expanded color names table for the highlighting of the staves (see FAQ)


  • Several fixes

PocketPipes V5.0 is on the AppleStore

A vertical bar on the sheet music shows the note being played. The page switching is automatic if the tune spans multiple pages.

– Trebble clefs have disappeared from the « MyTunes » tab. They became useless because the score is now generated each time the tune get selected. The tab simply shows the list of the tunes (filtered or not filtered by categories)

A new feature appears on bww files to define highlighting on the sheet music. It is out of standard but useful to mark some parts of the staves (Shoals of Herring in the embedded files is an example). To start highlight use %hs{color} and to end it %he .
For instance %hs{Yellow}. See FAQ in the support site to know the available colornames.

– The display engine of the scores has been entirely rewriten